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Top Solar Solutions is a Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited company that brings safe, sustainable, and hassle-free solar power to our fellow Australians. Following a quality-first approach for years, we have been delivering only top-of-the-range solar power solutions manufactured by the world’s most trusted solar brands. Whether it is about powering your home or your business, we have the perfect solution for you!

Equipped with a competent team of skilled engineers, Top Solar Solutions offers solar products and services that fully comply with the latest industry standards and Australian market trends. It helps us deliver excellence and maintain our unabated reputation.

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Top Solar Solutions

19.8 KW Solar Installation

Top Solar Solutions System Size :19.8 KW
Top Solar Solutions Location: :Milperra, NSW

The case of this commercial client is no different. As a company that has been specializing in deer velvet and related products for decades, the client was willing to reduce their electrical costs for a change. So, when they reached out to Top Solar Solutions to weigh their options with solar power, we ran a complete assessment and suggested a high-efficiency solar panel system powerful enough to meet their business needs. Thanks to the solar power system installed by Top Solar Solutions, the client has seen thousands of dollars in annual savings with an impressive ROI of over 26%.

Top Solar Solutions

32.4 KW Solar Installation

Top Solar Solutions System Size: :32.4 kW
Top Solar Solutions Location: :Noble Park, VIC and Shepparton, VIC

With the expense of exorbitantly-priced electricity on top of other operational costs, the client was willing to give solar a try. Having more than one location across Australia, it seemed a good idea for them to first test it out at just one business location. Upon carefully going through their business operations and their respective power requirements, Top Solar Solutions installed a high-efficiency solar system.

Top Solar Solutions

36.9 KW Solar Installation

Top Solar Solutions System Size: :36.9 KW
Top Solar Solutions Location :Auburn, NSW

The client was seeking an effective way to maximize their annual profit from their wholesale trade of grocery-related products. Seeing a promising potential in green energy and with enough reason to cut down their electricity bills, they decided to go solar to run their day-to-day business operations. With the full assessment and understanding of their power requirements, Top Solar Solutions installed a powerful solar system that has allowed the client to not only contribute to environmental suitability but also save thousands of dollars annually with a high ROI of approximately 30%.

Top Solar Solutions

90.9 KW Solar Installation

Top Solar Solutions System Size: :90.9 KW
Top Solar Solutions Location: :Maitland,NSW

Power expenses can soar through the roof when relying on the grid for a rather expanding business. This client was seeking a way to forever bid goodbye to their power expenses with a one-time investment. Considering the sheer size of their business operations, the solution was an energy-efficient solar system big and powerful enough to output sufficient power to run the operations without any interruptions. Top Solar Solutions carefully assessed the energy requirements and installed a solar system that was just right for them. As a result, the client is not only enjoying safe and green power but has also seen tens of thousands of dollars in annual savings on their electricity expenses.

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We cut down your electricity bills by providing cost-saving solar solutions. Top Solar Solutions believes in delivering what our customers put their trust in; premium quality solar products from the most trusted solar brands in Australia, complete warranty protection, and years of delivery of excellence and trust.

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