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Just like the moniker, Top Solar Solutions is a top-grade provider of solar equipment like inverters, solar panels, etc. Backed by skilled and talented engineers who possess in-depth industry experience, we deliver services that are at par with brands who share the same values as ours. Top Solar Solutions tends to follow a quality first approach when it comes to selecting solar panel products for our clients and we back this up with first-rate customized design, highest installation standards, and committed after sales service.

A Glance

At Some of Our Top-Notch Services​


Solar Panel Installation

From the innermost Sydney suburbs to urban centres in Melbourne, our top-notch solar installation services help in quick installation of solar panels without bringing about any disruption to your daily routine. Regardless of whether you are looking for residential solar power systems or business solar panels, Top Solar Solutions can help you with quick, easy, and convenient installation.


Solar Panel Maintenance

Enjoy years of trouble-free use by using our solar panel maintenance services that include solar system analysis, testing, and cleaning. By bringing old and poor performing systems back to their peak efficiency, our solar system services make your system generate more power for your home or business, thereby benefiting you immensely.


Solar Panel Cleaning

Enjoy years of trouble-free use by using our solar panel maintenance services that include solar system analysis, testing, and cleaning. By bringing old and poor performing systems back to their peak efficiency, our solar system services make your system generate more power for your home or business, thereby benefiting you immensely.

Our Products

Solar PV Panels

Solar Inverters

Why Choose Top Solar Solutions

While the world is moving solar energy solutions, the need for reliable energy partners is also on the rise. We, at Top Solar Solutions, seek to play a pivotal role in bridging this gap through our quality solar panel services, that combine different aspects like cost and overall efficiency to deliver the best results


Use our solar energy panels to cut down on your carbon footprint and give sustainability a chance. Our solar services ensure that there is negligible carbon emission from your end and give you a chance to play a vital role in keeping the environment clean.

Energy Independence

Eliminate your dependence on your local power company and realize what it’s like being truly energy independent. You would no longer have to wait for them to fix your energy grid for the smallest technical or operational glitches- just give us a call and we shall be available to help you with the best solar rooftop solutions.


Using our solar panels is a step closer to turning into a smart consumer with reduced costs and enhanced efficiency. By leveraging our residential solar panels, you can bid goodbye to those ridiculously exorbitant electricity bills and keep your energy expenses in check.


Brace yourself for the future and hedge your electrical bet by installing our self-contained solar system in Australia. Reach out to us to switch from the conventional mode of energy consumption to solar power and relieve yourself of unnecessary power outages.


Sean from The Oaks, NSW wanted to cut down his electricity bills and was looking for a stable and ecological way of redemption. Through his one-time investment in his own solar system, he has been able to save thousands of dollars annually.

System size: 12.95kW Annual savings: $2,404.00 ROI: 22.90%


Ravi from South Turramurra came to us with the hopes of finding a consistent energy source without power outages. With his solar panel installed, he has not only been able to save a significant amount on his annual energy cost but also use hassle-free electricity without interruptions.

System size: 11.1 kW Annual savings: $2,149.00 ROI: 30.70%


The case of James is no different. A resident of Kyeemagh, NSW, James was willing to try a new experience with energy utilization. Exceeding his expectations, Top Solar Solutions not only helped him enjoy electricity as per his choice and lifestyle but also, as an added bonus, reduced his electricity bills with a good ROI.

System size: 9.2 kW Annual savings: $1,961.00ROI: 25.80%


Vincent, a resident of Cherrybrook, was looking for an inexpensive extra energy backup during peak hours. With his new solar system fully functioning, he has been able to enjoy unlimited power during critical hours.

System size: 8.88 kW Annual savings: $1,592.00 ROI: 26.50%


For Baki and Olzem Alcin of Homebush, NSW, the idea of a solar panel struck as a solution to maximize their grid security in case of power blackouts. Besides, purchasing electricity from their local power company, they wanted to ensure they had power when blackouts occurred. Among many, Baki and Olzem have also turned out quite happy with their decision of buying a solar product from Top Solar Solutions.

System size: 7.7 kW Annual savings: $2,059.00 ROI: 27.40%

Baki and Olzem

An experienced teacher and the co-founder of Jumpstart 4 Kids in Blacktown, John Ley was looking to maximize the annual profit from his business in the education sector. The idea he had was to cut down their expenses on the power usage. After carefully assessing John’s power needs and understanding the essence of green energy for the business that solely focused on educating children, the Top Solar Solutions team installed a panel system comprising 26 panels from the renowned brand, Jinko. Backed by a highly efficient inverter from Fronius, this solar system not only helped Jumpstart 4 Kids reduce their power expenses with an impressively high return on investment but also enabled them to enjoy safe and renewable energy.

System size: 9.62 kW Annual savings: $2,059.00 ROI: 27.90%

Jumpstart 4 Kids, Blacktown

Ali Mansours was looking for an effective way to reinvent his business, Mansours Petroleum Pty Ltd, based in Punchbowl, NSW. Energy-independence with long-term benefits and sustainability made perfect sense considering his vision. In light of Ali’s vision about his business, Top Solar Solutions installed a self-contained solar system powerful and efficient enough to fulfil Mansours Petroleum’s energy requirements. Powered by 41 solar panels manufactured by Risen, and a powerful Goodwe inverter, the new power system eliminated Ali’s dependence on the local power company, thus, improving the entire workflow of Mansours Petroleum. In addition to the newly found energy-independence, the return on investment for Ali has been remarkably high.

System size: 15.1 kWAnnual savings: $2,059.00 ROI: 28.70%

Mansours Petroleum Pty Ltd