Fronius Primo 3.8-kW-to-15.0-kW


The Fronius Primo, single phase, transformerless inverter is the perfect inverter for domestic installs. Maximum flexibility in system design is achieved with the inverters innovative SuperFlex Design. The characteristics of this inverter allows for a quick and easy install which can be carried out indoors or outdoors. Maintenance is user-friendly thanks to the SnapINverter mounting design. The Fronius Primo Light comes with the option of installing an additional interface card allowing system owners to connect to the internet monitoring system. This can be done through any internet ready device anywhere around the world, giving system owners complete visibility and control.

SNAPINVERTER: The innovative hinged system design of this inverter offers a simple installation and servicing process for the user. The connection and power stage set compartments are installed separately with the connection compartment and the cables mounted to the wall first, followed by the power stage set compartment. This means when servicing the unit there is no need to detach the whole inverter; only the power stage set compartment needs to be removed, leaving cables, settings and configurations in place.

Product: FRONIUS Primo 3kW 1 Phase 2 MPPT with DataManager 2.0




208 V/240 V

Product Weight

47.29 lb- 82.5 lbs.


10Year Limited warranty

Extended Warranty

Additional 5 years(15years total) or additional 10 years(20 years total)

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