32.4 kW Solar Installation

Top Solar Solutions System Size :32.4 kW
Top Solar Solutions Annual Savings :$4,120.00
Top Solar Solutions ROI :27.5%
Top Solar Solutions Location :Shepparton, VIC

With the expense of exorbitantly-priced electricity on top of other operational costs, Ramilo Pty Ltd were willing to give solar a try. Having more than one locations across Australia, it seemed a good idea for Ramilo to first test it out at their business location in Noble Park, Victoria. Upon carefully going through their business operations and their respective power requirements, Top Solar Solutions installed a 32.4 kW solar system equipped with seventy two LR4-72HPH-450M panels manufactured by Longi. Also, this installation was backed by Fronius’s ECO 27.0-3-S & Primo 5.0-1 solar inverters. Thanks to this one-time investment, Ramilo managed to not only get rid of exorbitant electricity bills but also save approximately 4000 dollars as annual savings with a high ROI of over 25.6%.