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Top Solar Solutions
Commercial Solar

Top Solar Solutions provides expert installation of top-grade commercial solar panels. After a careful assessment of your business needs, we offer personalized solutions as per the latest Australian market trends. With full local backup and support.

Top Solar Solutions
Residential Solar

Top Solar Solutions delivers professional installation of high-efficiency solar panels for Australian households. We offer personalized solutions to meet individual needs with local support across Australia.

Top Solar Solutions
Storage Solutions

Top Solar Solutions offers a range of reliable solar battery storage solutions for your home and business. Our solutions are configured as per your preference so you enjoy uninterrupted power with maximum return.

Top Solar Solutions
Energy Audit

Top Solar Solutions’ audit services help you discover ways to maximize your savings on electricity. We offer precise insights into your power usage for better power management.

Top Solar Solutions
Carbon Track

Top Solar Solutions brings you the top-of-the-line energy management tool - CarbonTRACK. We help you precisely and remotely monitor or manage your power consumption 24/7, with just an easy-to-use app on your smartphone.

Top Solar Solutions
PPA Australia

Top Solar Solutions makes competitively inexpensive and sustainable energy accessible to you through clear, easy-to-understand, and transparent PPAs so you don’t have to buy exorbitantly priced electricity from the grid.

Top Solar Solutions
Solar Analytics

With our proud partner Solar Analytics, Top Solar Solutions offers the Solar Smart Monitor. It is a high-end and intelligent solution that monitors your solar power usage in real-time.

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