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The Solar Smart Monitor connects you smartly to your solar panel system. Offered in partnership with Solar Analytics, Australia’s largest independent solar monitoring company, Solar Smart Monitor is easily and safely installed in your meter board and communicates with all your inverters.

Some of the salient features of the Solar Smart Monitor include 5 Minute Data, multi-band communication over Wi-Fi or Ethernet or 4G, and real-time inverter and battery monitoring.

How does it connect ?
Top Solar Solutions
How does it work ?
Top Solar Solutions
One dashboard for everything

With Solar Analytics Dashboard, you can easily log in to it from multiple devices and monitor your solar energy system’s performance, see your energy usage and corresponding costs, net electricity bought and sold, your solar savings, and the difference between real-time and expected efficiencies of your system. The Solar Smart Monitor also runs fault diagnosis and alerts helping you discover possible faults in your solar energy system that could be undermining its performance.

Multi-band Communication over Wi-Fi/Ethernet/4G

5 Minute Data Reports

24/7 connectivity to your solar

Real-time Monitoring of Your Power Usage

Log-in Support for Multiple Devices

Multi-band Communication over Wi-Fi/Ethernet/4G

5 Minute Data Reports

Fault Diagnosis and Under-performance Alerts

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