Here, at Top Solar Solutions, we are about helping you reduce your electricity bills and enjoy hassle-free use of your own-generated power. We believe in delivering what our customers put their trust in; premium quality solar products from trusted and renowned solar brands, full warranty protection and years of trusted and excellent service.

We have been serving proudly for years with a customer-first approach, here is why Top Solar Solutions is a perfect fit for you:

1. Excellence delivered

Our team has extensive industry experience. Plus, our membership with notable energy-focused organizations like Clean Energy Council (CEC) gives us an extra advantage. We understand our customers’ power needs better than most of our peers and deliver excellence.

2. Warranty protection

All our solar products come with comprehensive manufacturer warranties. We make sure you enjoy our products for an extensive period - without any hassles.

3. Government rebates

Choosing a CEC accredited service provider like Top Solar Solutions makes you eligible for Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) as part of government rebates. It makes a huge difference. Because these rebates can amount to thousands of dollars.

4. Cost-efficiency

Our cost-saving solar solutions deliver enhanced performance and efficiency. They cut down your energy costs significantly. So, you don’t have to pay those outrageously high electricity bills anymore.

5. Uninterrupted power

Our team goes the extra mile to ensure you enjoy uninterrupted power. No more unnecessary power outages!

6. Reduced carbon footprints

Solar products run on renewable energy. Therefore, you significantly reduce your carbon emission and contribute to environmental safety and sustainability by choosing Top Solar Solutions.