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Smart Energy Management

Now easily keep track of your power consumption - with CarbonTRACK. It is smart, easy-to-use, and very precise. And the best part is – it can be used remotely.

CarbonTRACK is an end-to-end IoT solution that can be installed in your home or workplace. And it facilitates power usage monitoring from anywhere, 24/7 - with an easy-to-use app that can be installed on your smartphone.

CarbonTRACK auto-generates unlimited precise reports to give you key insights into your peak hours of usage. Also, you can set alerts or timers to turn your appliances on/off as per your lifestyle and cut down your electricity costs.

24/7 Monitoring From Anywhere

CarbonTRACK connects all the components of your energy ecosystem- energy circuits, solar, and storage, so they are working together in harmony to deliver optimum output. And you are in control. At all times. No matter where you are.

Top Solar Solutions

Get carbonTRACK installed at each distribution board by an accredited electrician to capture your home’s electricity usage. We have an entire team of electricity experts who can come to your place to deliver solar installation service within a short timeframe in the most secure way possible.

Top Solar Solutions
24/7 Tracking

Monitor your electricity usage through the dashboard or app and generate unlimited reports to get insights into your peak hours of usage. These insights would provide you with critical details like at what time of the day and year your electricity consumption is the most, thereby, helping you make the most of solar products.

Top Solar Solutions
Remote Control

Set timers to turn your appliances on or off and match them with your lifestyle and electricity to keep a check on your electricity bill. This will give you enough liberty to use electricity in whichever way you deem fit, thereby providing you with the utmost energy independence.

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Top Solar Solutions

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