Mansours Petroleum Pty Ltd

Top Solar Solutions System Size :15.1
Top Solar Solutions Annual Savings :$2,747.45
Top Solar Solutions ROI :28.70%
Top Solar Solutions Location :Punchbowl, NSW

Ali was looking for an effective way to reinvent his business, Mansours Petroleum Pty Ltd, based in Punchbowl, NSW. Energy-independence with long-term benefits and sustainability made perfect sense considering his vision. In light of Ali’s vision about his business, Top Solar Solutions installed a self-contained solar system powerful and efficient enough to fulfil Mansours Petroleum’s energy requirements. Powered by 41 solar panels manufactured by Risen, and a powerful GoodWe inverter, the new power system eliminated Ali’s dependence on the local power company, thus, improving the entire workflow of Mansours Petroleum. In addition to the newly found energy-independence, the return on investment for Ali has been remarkably high.